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The LS Home Staging Difference

LS Home Staging is the premier home staging company in Massachusetts. Celebrating over 2 years making properties more beautiful and more marketable, we treat every space like a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring, artful design decor. “Your space has a story. LS Home Staging brings that story to life.”

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Who We Are

Larissa Santana
Design Director/ CEO
Originally from Southeast Brazil, Larissa received her Bachelor of Architecture in Brazil with over 10 years of experience. Since then, Larissa has lived in Boston where she has discovered her love for staging. Larissa enjoys layering unexpected details and colors, and has a knack for creating a perfectly proportioned room. She believes that thoughtful, well designed homes can make people’s lives better.

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To help agents, investors, developers, and homeowners sell real estate faster and at higher than average prices by implementing luxury staging strategies and tactics.



At LS Boston Home Staging we operate with speed & strict company core values to create high quality results for agents, investors, developers, and homeowners looking to sell properties faster for higher prices by transforming all types of spaces through creating a heightened sense of inspiration, luxury, beauty, and simplicity that results from the right creative touch, a experienced sense of style, lots of decor, and premium furnishings.

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Step 1 | Initial Assessment

This process is typically done over the phone. We gather basic information to determine how we can help best, share what makes us so different from other companies like us and schedule an on-site walkthrough so that we can produce an accurate proposal for our services.


Step 2 | Walkthrough

This meeting is all about getting to know the property, developing a vision for the spaces involved, developing a staging budget, and discussing the high level objectives for designing the project. Generally we will schedule a time to review the Boston home staging proposal with our clients by the end of the walkthrough. We then begin putting together the proposal based on the information gathered to present at the next step.

Step 3 | Proposal

After gathering detailed information at the walkthrough meeting our team prepares an accurate but customizable proposal to present to our clients. These Boston home staging proposals take into consideration our client’s unique situation, budget and timeline. When approved the staging installation will be scheduled.


Step 4 | Staging Installation

Our dedicated staging team and crew implement the proposed design, furnishing and decor. Installations usually take one to two days depending on the size of the property, how many rooms, and the level of furnishings desired. Our goal is to get the property looking market ready as soon as possible using our speed & quality Boston home staging checklist.


Step 5 | Removal

Ideally the property sells fast and for higher pricing than anticipated and we are needed to remove the staging furniture and decor. Monthly extensions are available as needed and upon request. It really is that simple!

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At LS Boston Home Staging we provide a great mix of luxury aesthetics and simplicity based design to foster the perfect balance between the natural beauty and the functional utility of your property. Our themes and styles used in our staging system accomplish two very important things. First thing, our staging removes all sense of clutter. Second, gives your spaces a luxurious and trendy feel. Humans purchase based on emotion and we work that reality into our staging to bring higher prices and faster sales to our clients by utilizing a number of emotionally impactful tactics.

Over the years we have accumulated an extensive array of Boston home staging luxury furniture, decor, and custom art pieces that we make available to our clients and that breathe life to a space to create the emotionally satisfied ‘at home’ feeling that nearly every potential buyer is looking to experience in a space they are considering purchasing.

After many years of helping properties sell faster and at higher prices than average we have become confident in our ability to know what people want to see to get offers flowing.

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Reason #1 – Significantly Less Time On The Market than Unstaged Similar Properties

When a staging has been implemented, reputable real estate companies are reporting the time on the market being reduced 73% below the average time on the market based on surveys conducted.
** See Sources Below


Reason #2 – Buyers Visualization Potential Goes Through The Roof

It is simply easier for 81% of your potential buyers to see themselves living in the property based on surveys conducted by credible real estate services.
** See Sources Below

Reason #3 – Reduce Capital Gains on the Sale of the Property

It is a little known fact but the expenses incurred through a staging service being utilized in the process of selling your home can be deducted from the capital gains taxes you pay to the government.
** Tax deductions are valid only if the property has not been delisted or destaged before final sale.
** See Sources Below


Reason #4 – Staging A Property Increases Buyers Perceived Value Significantly

Buyers reports recorded from the surveys conducted by industry expert real estate companies tell us that 45% of your potential buyers think that the property is more valuable if decorated to the buyer’s taste.
** See Sources Below


Reason #5 – Creating Higher Perceived Value Through Staging Means Higher Sales Price

The optimization gained through staging vs non staging is as much as 10-15% historically as reports indicate that most buyer’s willingness to spend increases to 1% to 5% more on staged properties vs non staged properties in terms of dollar value.
** See Sources Below


Reason #6 – Prevent Price Dropping

NAR (National Association of Realtors) surveyed to find that the price drops further the longer that homes stay on the real estate market.
** Data provided by the National Association of REALTOR 2016 and The Real Estate Staging Association.
** See Sources Below


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