Who are we putting all of these high quality photos on our website for?

We want to make sure that our potential Boston home staging clients that are browsing online to find the best option for them based on style and taste can see exactly what our team is capable of producing. We are very proud of our stagings and have provided a good number of past projects to feature on our website gallery that allows online shoppers to see the variety of possibilities available and begin imagining what we could do for their space. We also use this gallery when working with our staging professionals to help maintain the standard of quality we expect on every job throughout the training process.


Are these real projects that have been completed by LS Boston Home Staging?

Yes, these are actual staged properties that we have helped our clients to sell for asking prices and above. We find that it is important to let our potential clients see the results of our work in stunning detail. Every single property we stage gets photographed by a professional real estate photographer to help the property have better online branding and attract more buyers. We get copies of those real estate marketing photos on our projects to help people see the variety of different options available stylistically speaking.


Who gathers these project photos?

We utilize a variety of photographers to capture the beauty and magic of our staging. Many times the client looking to sell the property has already hired a professional photographer of their choice and we are able to use the photos that they take for our company gallery as well. In the event that our clients do not get photography we hire a photographer to gather great images of each project as we find it helps prove to our online window shoppers that we are a high quality option for a staging company to use.


Why are these various galleries valuable for someone considering doing business with LS Boston Home Staging?

One of the best parts about having so many high quality images on our website and our other online and social media sites is that our customers are all able to see that we know what we are doing based on the results that we produce. The proof is in the pudding as they say and we want to make sure there is plenty of proof that we are consistently producing high quality stagings for our current and past clients. By uploading photos of our projects on a consistent basis it allows for our clients to verify that we are not a company that has produced high quality results in the past, but in fact we are continuing to stay consistent with producing high quality results consistently.


Why are high quality photos so valuable for potential buyers of your property?

These photos of our projects allow customers to dream. Not just our prospective clients, but also the clients looking to purchase the properties. The photos show the property in the best possible lighting, from the best possible angles, and incorporate a focus on the best features of the entire property down to each individual room or area. We know that photos create interest online for prospective buyers and these photos are an accurate representation of the types of photos that our clients can expect to receive when they utilize our Boston home staging services.

How are these project photographs gathered?

We hire only the best real estate photographers to capture our projects. When our clients or their real estate agents are needing recommendations on photographers we provide them with our vetted resources. The photographers that get the opportunity to to work on our projects are meticulous in their detail oriented focus on proper shot angles, proper lighting, and photo editing. They are trained to capture the best possible images of the home and they go into each project knowing that their photos are a critical part of the process involved in actually selling a property. Without great photography most properties, no matter how wonderful they are, will struggle to get sold quickly and for higher than asking prices based on our Boston home staging experience.


How often does LS Boston Home Staging gather photos on staging projects?

We find that it is important to show our prospective clients that we are consistently producing the high quality of staging that we have produced in the past. Sometimes when working with clients to stage their property for sale we find that they or their real estate agent have already procured a photographer in which cases we do not actually gather photography. In those cases we get a copy of the photography that our client’s or their real estate agent’s photographer has gathered. One of the ancillary services we provide involves the evaluation of photography gathered by photographers other than those that we commonly work with on our projects. This service is valuable because in some cases the photographer chosen does not gather photos that are nearly as high quality as those that we would recommend could produce. In these instances we have a large amount of supporting data through our own portfolio of completed client project photos to show to these clients as a way of clearly explaining the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen photographer by comparing to the photos we gather from our chosen photographers. This helps them gain an understanding of what great photos of a Boston home staging project look like versus what not so great photos look like as well.


When is word of mouth important to prospective Boston home staging clients?

We like to ensure that our project staging is completed within 1-2 business days so that the photographer can be scheduled to take photos as soon as we have finished the final details of the staging. In other words, as soon as we are done!


Where can I see more from LS Home Staging projects?

Another place to find information about our projects is on our social media pages. We have over 20,000 followers on instagram and we also have a good collection of client reviews and video testimonials on our website.