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Who should reach out to us for Boston home staging?

Anyone who is looking for the opportunity to sell their home at higher prices and or in a shorter period of time. This also applies to anyone with a condo, an apartment, a duplex, you name it. We are master stagers of all residential properties and would be happy to help your return on investment in your home.


Who should reach out to us for business staging?

When someone is considering selling a business it is the perfect time to call the staging company. Just like with residential properties, commercial properties are being sold to humans. Humans have emotions and emotions are what most humans use to make purchasing decisions. Staging your business before you attempt to sell will benefit you just the same and encourage higher offers more frequently than attempting to sell without staging.


Who should reach out to us for more information?

If you are on the fence about staging your property but you have not decided whether or not you want to make the investment we encourage you to go research the benefits of staging on the rest of our website, view our gallery of work, read our reviews, and then reach out to us to have a conversation. We will honor your choice either way but we pride ourselves on making sure that we get anyone in your situation all of the necessary information to make the best decision for them.

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What to do if you are in need of Boston home staging?

Call us. We would be happy to discuss your project with you. So long as we are a good fit for what you are trying to accomplish and we have the availability in our schedule to make it happen in a time frame that works for you, we will make it happen.


What will happen when you reach out to us for staging?

Our Boston home staging process is described in a bit more detail on our services page but we essentially have an initial conversation with you and take things from there to a property walkthrough that will be scheduled provided the initial conversation leads us to believe that we are a good fit for the project. If you fill out the form on the website or give us a call, this will be what you experience.

What happens when I call versus filling out the form on the website?

Either way that you decide to reach out to us, we will be taking you through an initial phone consultation to learn about your project and decide if we are the best fit to help you with the staging of it. The most ideal way for us to have clients reach out is for them to fill out the form on the website with their name, email, and phone number. We prefer this method because it allows us to get back to you quickly, but during our allotted time for contacting clients, however if you decide that you want to call, we absolutely welcome you to do that also.


When is the right time to reach out for staging?

If you are convinced that selling your property is the right thing to do and you would like to put yourself in a position to get the highest possible offers as quickly and frequently as possible then you should give us a call. Our Boston home staging processes are highly rated and reviewed and we have over 20,000 followers online that love our style. We are fully confident that our staging can help your property look and feel better than without us and better than our competition.


When is the best time to call?

Call us at any time. We are available to answer the phone between 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. In the event that we are not able to pick up the phone please leave us a message and we will return your call promptly. We like to get back to our clients as soon as possible.


When can we complete a staging for you?

We usually schedule walkthroughs as soon as possible but our schedule for stagings is typically booked out several weeks in advance. The best way to ensure that the staging will happen when your property is ready for market is to reach out farther in advance. This way we can get you on the schedule so that your property will be staged right before putting it out on the market.


Where do we meet with our staging clients?

We typically do our initial consultations over the phone and then meet our clients at the property for the walkthrough. After the Boston home staging walkthrough we review the proposal with clients over the phone. It is not necessary to meet at our warehouse or offices and we find it works best with our clients to keep our meetings on the site of the property we are staging.

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Where do we get all of the furniture?

We source our top of the line furniture from a number of different sources. Being that we need so much furniture and decor to keep so many properties staged at one time we end up sourcing from quite a few different well-known and some less well-known sources. One thing we always ensure is that the furniture will work well with our clients styles and expectations for being high class, top of the line, premium and luxury furniture and decor.


How do we prefer our clients to contact us?

We prefer our clients fill out a form on our website for us to get in touch with them at one of our regularly scheduled daily and weekly client communication time blocks. We pride ourselves on getting back to our Boston home staging clients very quickly


How much do we charge for our services?

The amount we charge is based on a number of different variables. We take into account how many rooms, the overall size of the home, the size of the rooms, the type of the room, the distance from our warehouse, the number of staging professionals needed to complete the project and various other things. The best way to get an accurate estimate of costs is to give us a call or fill out the form on our website and we can get you a much more detailed answer to this question.