What Services Do We Offer?

We offer luxury staging services to clients that need to sell or rent their property and we also have developed interior design services through honing our focus on bringing out the best qualities of a home, apartment, or space and through creating staging scenarios to ensure that we are placing each space in its best possible light. Our interior design skills are very sharp and we offer this service to clients with existing homes to help them be more functional and help the home represent more of their personal style.

LS Boston Home Staging is a highly rated service that works with many different homeowners, investors, business owners and real estate agents.

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Luxury Staging

We know from studies done by the National Association of Realtors that buyers and sellers agents agree that the following rooms are the most important to stage:

  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Master Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Children’s Bedrooms
  • Guest Bedrooms


We have a very specific focus on targeting the taste of the target buyers for the properties we stage. This means that we are aware that our commonly staged properties sell to clients on the upper end of the income scale. The upper end of the income scales in this country tend to have a taste that is more expensive and that tends to match the expectations of our staging clients.

We want to create a lifestyle feel for the buyers who see the properties we stage. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that we stage up every possible angle that we can to present the natural beauty of the project and show the true elegance of what is possible for the space. We pour over the details with a maniacal obsession, honing in on the most perfect options for the colors, materials, furniture and decor that will truly speak to the right buyer, helping them step into a surreal vision of what their home could be in the future. This sort of thing sells properties.

Our stagers are very well trained and must go through a rigorous Boston home staging training process to be trusted with the task of pulling off an LS Home Staging level project. We train by doing. We train by saying, writing, showing, modeling and finally, making sure that they have been able to pull it off on their own without any help. These professionals are all expected to adhere to our core values as a company and do a great job.

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We get really excited about personally selecting every little piece of the staging furniture and decor. It is our passion and our creative spirit is right at home in this process and you can rest assured that when you hire LS Home Staging to take care of you that our staging professionals will do just that.

We stage properties on a proactive timeline. For the most part, we do not book any Boston home staging projects on very short notice. Most often when people have an idea of selling their property it is a large decision to come to and when that decision is made is the best time to discuss staging. Your end goal for the property will dictate staging but we suggest that there would be a heavy consideration as soon as you decide to sell.

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Typically we would be able to use your own inspiration photos, our experiences with similar properties and an assessment of the general features of the property to create a customized Boston home staging proposal after we have completed the initial walkthrough. Upon acceptance of the proposal we immediately work with our clients to choose the best date for the staging. Most stagings take one day but larger properties with more rooms can take 2+ days to complete.

The idea is for the property to sell as fast as is possible, but it obviously varies property by property. Our staging agreements last for two months at which point if the property has not sold, we then have several options for moving forward. If our clients would like to maintain the staging of the property past the two month mark we typically reach out a few weeks prior to the end of the initial two months and we sign an extension agreement to the initial staging agreement for another period of time (typically one month) and so on and so forth until the property sells or the client decides to remove the staging from the property.

We understand that you may also want to hear from other clients about their experience working with us. We have google reviews that you can review by typing “LS Home Staging Boston” into the google search bar to find our company and read reviews from past clients, industry partners, vendors, and employees. We also provide a large portfolio of previously staged and sold properties on our Portfolio page. Please feel free to review all of the information about our company before reaching out to us or just pick up the phone and call us so we can fill you in and help you sell your property faster and for more money.

The removal of the staging takes about the same amount of time as the staging of the property if not slightly less. If you are interested in staging your property please contact us today by filling out a form here on our website or giving us a call! We are excited to help you get that property sold!

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We stage properties all over the Boston area and have been doing so for years. Our Boston home staging team is robust and we have lots of relationships with transportation companies that assist us with getting all of the required staging goods to and from our warehouse and your property regardless of where it is located in our area. We have experience in staging homes, apartments, condos, as well as commercial properties and businesses. Whatever your need, if your property or properties are located within our Boston home staging area then we have your back. If you are not sure about whether or not your property falls within our area please give us a call today!